What is Torch Down Roofing?

what is torch down roofing

Torch down roofing is a form of roof construction that is essentially a modified bitumen membrane. These sheets are cut to fit the roof’s dimensions. To install torch down roofing, a professional roofer uses a hand-held propane torch to heat the sheets, creating a strong bond that secures them to the roof. In some cases, a polyester or fiberglass mat forms the core layer beneath the top membrane. In addition to torch down roofing membranes, the contractor may also embed small granules into the top membrane to increase its fire resistance. The resulting melted seams will form a water-tight seal.

Another advantage of torch down roofing is its affordability. A quality roofer can seal a home in one day. This makes it the preferred type of roofing for people who need the roof to be waterproofed fast. However, it is important to note that torch down roofing is not immune to tear or scuffs, so it is important to use it carefully. A reputable roofing contractor should always do a thorough inspection to make sure the roof is safe and secure.

The first step in torch down roofing is the proper installation of the torch-down membrane. This involves laying a vapor barrier underneath the roof. This will help prevent water from pooling and destroying the torch-down membrane. After the torch-down membrane is attached to the vapor barrier, the next step is the base sheet. If properly installed, the torch-down membranes will adhere to the overlay board. The base sheet can be adhered using adhesive or a heat-fusing method.

Another benefit of torch down roofing is its ease of installation. It can be installed quickly, but extensive preparation and contract approval processes are necessary. Although torch down roofing is durable, it is susceptible to tearing and scratching. The waterproof seal is essential to the overall performance of the roof system. When torn or damaged, the waterproof seal will compromise the roof system. To avoid this, it is important to ensure that the roof is maintained regularly and repaired as needed.

One disadvantage of torch down roofing is its fire hazard. Due to the open flame used in the application of torch down roofing, the torch is dangerous. Hence, it is not recommended for residential homes. The process involves high heat and flames. To ensure the safety of the building, a roofing contractor with the right experience and skill level is recommended. For safety, the torch down roofing system can be installed by experienced roofers only.

In order to safely remove the torch down roofing membrane, a roof expert must first make use of a specific tool. This tool may include a claw hammer and a caulking gun. Other tools may be necessary, such as a ladder or a scissor. Nevertheless, an expert should be hired to do the job efficiently. The process is not complicated, but requires a strong person and specialized equipment.