What Is PVC Roofing? Benefits And Options

What is PVC roofing? Sounds like a foreign word to some people but it’s quite easy to understand. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is a popular roofing material widely used for residential buildings both on the East and West coasts. Extremely energy-efficient, PVC works great for almost all types of flat roofs. But did you know that you can use PVC in your attic as well? Read on to learn more.

what is pvc roofing

A major benefit to using PVC for roofing is that it’s extremely durable. PVC comes in a variety of different resins, or synthetic fabrics, including polystyrene and polyurethane foam. These materials are extremely durable and provide superior shock absorption and thermal insulation. In addition, a commercial building can install this type of roof over any other type of roof without any sort of significant impact to the structure of the building itself.

Another benefit to using PVC roofing is that it has a long life span, thanks to its energy-efficient properties. Two layers are typically required for proper durability, which means two layers of plastic are needed. However, the two layers aren’t so far apart that they have to be. The coating that comes with a typical single-ply roofing system is actually tin-based. This means the coating doesn’t last as long as one would expect.

The final benefit to the use of this particular type of product is that it requires very little maintenance. Two layers require a surface coat every three years, depending on climate and weather conditions. Single-ply roofs only need a yearly coat. As you can see, there are no significant drawbacks when it comes to what is PVC roofing material. These benefits, along with the low costs associated with them, make this type of product very popular among many consumers.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, what is PVC comes with many unique qualities that aren’t found with other types of materials. A prime example is the fact that PVC comes with a much longer life expectancy than typical tPO. TPO is generally manufactured out of aluminum, which is not as durable as PVC.

Finally, what is pvc roofing is a great option because of its energy-efficient properties. It requires less energy to produce the same amount of goods during the manufacturing process. This means a business can save money on their electric bill while enjoying an excellent, quality product. Additionally, PVC does not contain any chemicals, making it a good choice for the environment as well.