What Is a Square in Roofing Shingles?

One way to determine the number of squares you need for a roof is to measure the area of each plane of the roof. For example, a 1,000-square-foot roof requires 18 squares. A two-story house has 240 squares, and a one-story home has 480 squares. As a general rule, the amount of shingles you need depends on the roof’s square footage.

what is a square in roofing shingles

To figure out the number of shingles needed to cover a 100-square-foot roof, divide the roof’s surface area by 100. A single-story home has sixteen squares, and a house with 1550 square feet has four. It is common to estimate the number of shingles needed for a roofing project by the square. However, it’s rare to find roofing material that is sold by the square, so you’ll need to know how much to buy. A typical bundle of asphalt shingle will cover three to five feet of roof surface area. Depending on the style of shingles and the size of the shingle, this will vary from $25-$50 per bundle to $75 per bundle.

The standard size of a roofing square is 33 square feet. Some manufacturers offer packages that cover 28 to 33 square feet. However, the square coverage varies between brands. You should also take into account the square footage of the shingles on each package. Sometimes the manufacturers will list a “minimum” square in the package. The square footage of each bundle will vary by approximately 1/3 of a hundred square feet.

In roofing, a square is always 100 square feet. Although it is not always an exact square, it’s a simple way to determine the number of squares you’ll need. A typical roof may need up to 80 or more shingles per square based on its design. The number of bundles required to cover a square will depend on the size of the shingles and the number of tabs.

Another common question regarding roofing shingles is the number of squares. A square is the surface area of a roof. A square is 100 square feet, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a perfect square. A roofing square will usually have a dozen or more shingles. If you are planning on installing asphalt shingles, a single bundle will cover around one hundred square feet. A single square might need to have one hundred and fifty tiles.

A square is 100 square feet, but the size of a square is important too. A single bundle of roofing shingles is generally about 100 square feet. Some brands have a smaller square than others, but the size of a square is still important to ensure you get enough shingles for your roof. In other words, a single bundle of shingles may cover only 30 squares, but a double square is equal to more than one hundred square feet.