How to Install Roofing Felt

how to install roofing felt

How to Install Roofing Felt

The first step in learning how to install roofing felt is to get a ladder and climb onto the roof. Place the ladder against the wall of your home, and then use your rake to climb onto the roof. Once on the roof, carefully lay out the roofing material, laying it out evenly with the eaves and nails. Then, unfold a few more feet of felt paper, cutting it so that it hangs over the side of the roof by 4 to 6 inches. The next step is to lay the felt out, overlapping the first layer by two inches. The bottom of the roll should have a line that represents the 2-inch mark.

After installing the first layer, roll out the second layer of roofing felt. Place the new roll over the first one, and staple it until it reaches the roof line. You will need to overlap the old roll by at least four inches. You can use a utility knife to cut off any excess felt. Also, you can cut a slit in the felt to cover vent pipes. After applying the first layer of roofing materials, the next step is to install the second and third layers.

Next, install the second layer of roofing felt. Align the edge with the rake and then staple the top two-three inches of the roof with the nails. To complete the installation, roll out the second course of the roofing material halfway across the roof. If you have a steep slope, you can stand on the first course of felt while working on the second. After laying out the first layer of the felt, you should place the second course on top. When you are finished, you should staple the last two courses of the roofing materials.

You can also cut the roofing felt by yourself. To do this, place the felt roll on the roof and use both hands to lift it up. Using both hands, you need to align the felt along the eaves of your roof. Make sure that the felt is wrinkle-free, and then place five nails on the top and middle of the strip. Repeat this process with the second course. After installing the first course, make sure that you use a clear-cut blade to secure it in place.

Once you’ve installed the first layer, roll out the second course of roofing felt. You should overlap the first course by about two inches. You can also place chalk lines every 34″ above the eaves. Then, lay the second layer of roofing feel over the previous one. If you’re having trouble laying the felt, it is best to ask someone who knows how to install roofing. If you don’t have a helper, this can be a challenge.