How to Install Corrugated Roofing With Metal Panels

The question of how to install corrugated roofing materials is commonly asked. You will see that there are several ways to go about doing this. One of those ways, of course, is hiring a professional to do this job. However, many homeowners would rather do it themselves and not spend that much money. If you want to know how to install corrugated roofing materials yourself, you have to prepare first. This article will show you how to prepare for this task.

You need some kind of saw or nails and corrugating roofing panels. You can either order these from your company or get them at a hardware store. Installing a corrugated roof usually costs between six thousand and twelve thousand dollars on average worldwide for a single-pad aluminum or steel frame with few or no added modifications. Installation using a copper or zinc-framed frame usually costs between eight thousand and twelve thousand dollars worldwide. Installation with a steel or zinc-framed metal roofing panels usually costs around twenty-five thousand to fifty-five thousand dollars depending on where you live.

Now that you have those materials, you have to assemble your metal roof panels. Each panel is between four and eight feet in length. Most metal panels have a tongue and groove design. Install the metal panels one at a time on top of the tar paper that’s covering the tar paper. You may have to work a little fast if you’re using new corrugated roofing panels.

Keep the panels in place using roof anchors and screws. Use galvanized screws if the metal roofing panels are galvanized. Otherwise you run the risk of damaging the panels. After you’re sure the metal panels are securely in place, you can begin installing the corrugation. Start by putting one panel at a time on top of the tar paper and hammer the metal flat against the house to set the corrugation.

Then you’ll have to repeat this process with each panel and then the metal roof deck. You’ll find that each panel will take on about half an inch per foot for the first few feet of the decking. Then, as you work on your project, you’ll see that you can go up to a maximum of three inches per foot, depending upon the number of metal roofing panels that you use. Once you get it down to about ten or twelve inches per foot, you’ll want to apply pressure to the corrugation with a hammer.

One last thing about how to install corrugated roofing with metal. Once your panels are installed, make sure you smooth them all down. The last thing you want to see after your project is shingles that are completely smooth and shiny instead of gritty and granulated. This will only confuse the viewer and make them less likely to ever consider a home with corrugated roofing.