How to Get a Roofing License in Florida

how to get a roofing license in florida

How to Get a Roofing License in Florida

It is important to know that one needs to be knowledgeable about how to get a roofing license in Florida if one is planning on becoming a roofing contractor. This is because one can become licensed by being awarded a license by the Florida Department of Financial Services (FDOS). The first step is to complete an apprenticeship program under any number of Florida roofing training schools. Once the apprenticeship is completed, one will need to pass the Florida Underwriting Test (FIT) given by the FDOS.

The next step in the process is to secure a license from the FDOS. This will ensure that one is meeting all the state and federal regulations. After getting the license, one may want to take further training courses in order to improve one’s skill level and knowledge about roofing. Such courses can be obtained at vocational schools or via online learning.

One can complete his education by attending classes at a community college, by taking part in on-the-job training courses, by getting an apprenticeship, or by enrolling in a vocational-technical school. All of these options to guarantee an entry into one’s chosen career as a roofing contractor. Online courses are available too and can be taken part time or full time. Those who prefer to enroll in formal classroom based training courses may do so at a Florida college. These include the University of Florida International University.

Once one is done with formal courses, one needs to take part in a course that assesses one’s ability. This is often referred to as the CPT (Certified Professional Roofing Trainer). There are many schools which offer such courses and all one needs to do is choose a school which offers courses which are most suitable for him. These include technical colleges, vocational schools, and online schools.

Once one has successfully completed his CPT, he needs to take up further studies. These can be courses in mathematics or construction, and in addition to this one can study for state certification exams. The National Association of Home Builders and Florida College of Construction Education and Training are two institutes which offer courses on how to get a roofing license in Florida. These institutes can be contacted online or through a Florida college for more details. All these courses can be finished in two years provided that one keeps to the deadlines.

The job itself is quite demanding, but one can work efficiently in this field as it has a good demand in the country. Roofing is not only about repairing roofs anymore but also involves adding additions and reconstructing of roofs, depending on the need one finds. Thus one can make a very good career in this field. For more details on how to get a roofing license in Florida one can contact the National Association of Home Builders directly or the Florida College of Construction Education and Training.