How to Cut Metal Roofing With a Cresent Sawner

Learning how to cut metal roofing is a skill worth learning for any DIY enthusiast. You might be someone who has just built their own house and just want to know how to put metal roofing on the first time over. Or maybe you’re someone with years of experience doing projects like this and would like to learn how to cut metal roofing so you can get your hands dirty, without all the professional knowledge. Either way, this article will show you how to cut metal roofing quickly and efficiently. So let’s begin.

how to cut metal roofing

I’m sure you already have your tool boxes full of tools. Before you even began learning how to cut metal roofing panels, you’ll need to put away some tools. Tin snips, pocket knives, screwdrivers, a hammer, a saw, a circular saw, a drill, and a hand drill are all things you need to begin this project. Before started collecting power tools, utilized lots of tin snips to cut sections of roofing, and were always prepared to deal with a few small cuts when it was only one or two of them. These days, though, you have more power tools and, more importantly, more at-home safety devices to help you cut safely.

If you’re only cutting one or two sections of metal, then a jigsaw is good enough for you. With just the right attachment, it can cut a panel to size in just a few seconds. You can even angle it so that you cut at an angle, which will give the final cut even more impact. The important thing is to get the cuts right. A shoddy cut can really throw off the look of your roof.

One alternative method is to use tin snips. Rather than use the same old, worn tin snip that everyone uses, buy a cordless version. With a cordless tin snip, you can run it under a tensioned spring so that the tin snip is much more lightweight and cuts to the right shape quickly. It’s a good idea to practice cutting these panels beforehand, as well as handling the tool. This is because tin snips don’t work well on very thick or long pieces of metal.

Another option is to work with a combination square and hammer. Using a combination square to shave the metal panel to size, then hammer it onto the work surface. When you want to finish up the cuts, put on the required finishing nails or screws. This works especially well with flat roofs where the flat part of the roof will already be attached to the work surface, whereas a sloped roof where the flat roof goes against the work surface will require new nails or screws to attach it.

If you’re looking for more options on how to cut metal roofing, you should look into a circular saw. Instead of being used just to remove individual panels, this type of saw can also be used to quickly and accurately cut large sheets of metal. A popular variation of this saw is the ‘crescent’ which has four circular blades instead of the usual three. To make circular cuts, hold the circular saw at an angle and raise the saw’s cutting edge until it comes up to your shoulder. Then just move the circular blade as far as you’d like and cut the metal roofing.