How To Attach Roofing Feeling To Your Gritboards Or Wood Boards

how to attach roofing felt

How To Attach Roofing Feeling To Your Gritboards Or Wood Boards

How to attach roofing felt can be a bit complicated at times. There are a few steps that you will have to follow when attaching the felt to your roof. The first step in how to attach roofing felt is to clean the area that is going to be covered by the felt. This includes removing any existing roof material like shingles or tiles. You also want to cut away any excess felt that might be attached to the already existing roof.

Once you have cleaned the area you will want to start the process of how to attach the felt to the asphalt. You can achieve this by driving nails into the asphalt and then wetting the exposed nail heads with water. The nail heads will become cleft later when exposed to water, but it is an easy way to create a cleat for the felt to adhere to. Once the nails have been driven through the asphalt, you will want to put felt on the exposed nail heads. Make sure the feeling is water-resistant underlayment.

Another important step in how to attach roofing felt is to remove the existing shingles on your roof. In most cases you can use the same nails that were used to install the felt to install the next layer. However, if the existing roof has some metal exposed along the seams you will want to use steel screws. The key to doing this properly is making sure you put the felt on the entire exposed ridge and that it is completely even.

In addition to using the same felt for the next layer you will also want to apply overlapping nails throughout the length of the felt. Nails can be used that have a small head. These are called “staples” and should be hammered in with enough force to keep the staple from slipping out. Overlapping nails can also be used. These work in much the same way as overlapping nails but there is no need to hammer them in.

When installing the felt on the roof, you will want to leave about half an inch of exposed ridge and follow the same steps as when you attached the shingles. This will leave three-fourths inches of open space between the felt and the rafters or attic beams. Once this is done you will need to drill three small holes into the rafters where the nails will go and then put the washers in the holes. Secure the washers with rubber washers.

When installing the new roofing felt, you will want to stagger the holes so that you nail the washers in the proper locations. If the area has many obstacles such as overhanging branches or other obstacles you may have to nail all of the holes at once. Once you have the felt installed, you will need to take special care not to damage the shingles underneath by nailing in the wrong location.