All About Commercial Roofing

What is roofing? A roofing is basically the top layer of a construction, which includes all structures and materials needed to support it upon the wall of the structure or on uplifts, giving protection from sun, rain, extreme temperatures, and other elements. A roof is often part of the outer building envelope, making it crucial for the whole durability of your home. Roofing can be done in many ways. There are metal roofs, which are weatherproof and cost less. If you don’t want the hassle of painting or staining, then a flat roof would be better as it’s simpler to maintain.

what is roofing

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of roofs, which include flat, slanted, gable, pitched, and hipped roofs. The most popular among these is the flat roof. Flat roofs are typically preferred because they can be installed easier and more convenient. However, they may have limited options when it comes to design and look, and the amount of money that you will spend on its maintenance.

Some roofs need constant repair. In such cases, you might need a roofing contractor who specializes on such work. You may also want a do-it-yourself type of roofer. Do-it-yourself roofing contractors can save you the cost of hiring a professional roofing contractor. With such contractors, you can have a custom-made roof, however, if you choose this route, then you must also be prepared to put in the extra effort of learning how to operate the equipment being used and having the skill to fix your own roofing problems.

If you are planning a do-it-yourself project, make sure that you are familiar with the different kinds of materials that you can use. For instance, you can either use rubber or asphalt shingles, paper roofing, metal roofing, or any other roofing project. You need to know which one suits your needs. Aside from knowing the material that you are going to use, you should also have a clear idea on what building codes in your area require.

After making sure that you are equipped with the right tools and materials for the type of building project that you are embarking on, it would be time to learn about the actual process of building a commercial roof. One of these things is to prepare the base or foundation. You need to make sure that the foundation will not collapse due to weather or other natural causes. The best way to go about preparing your foundation is to prepare a plywood layer that will serve as a base for your roofing materials. It would be a wise move to use a roofing felt paper, a layer of tar paper, and a layer of what is called roofing felt underlayment tar paper.

Most roofing materials nowadays are built with a two-layered system. There are so many roofing materials that are built with a three-layered system which is more durable and resistant to weather and climate. A normal roof system will usually have a base layer made up of plywood while the second layer consists of shingles or shakes. Most roofers nowadays tend to use what is called the truss system which is composed of four to five metal beams that are nailed together.